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maby navone

Maby Navone lives and works in Sestri Levante, a breath-taking beach town located in the Italian Riviera between Portofino and the 5 Terre.

Her house is right on the Mediterranean seashore and every day she connects with the rhythm of the waves, the sound of the boats, the laughs of the children playing on the beach.

But most importantly Maby is impacted and intrigued by what the sea brings to earth after every high tie or turbulent sea. It is a mix of organic and synthetic materials. They are objects of all kinds often representing the wasteful human production: plastic in particular.

These objects have been abandoned by our consumer-based society and the ocean sent them back to us with a “do not comply with nature” label attached all over them.

Since the late ‘70th (throughout the Dada, Surrealism and Pop-Art periods) Maby Navone searches, selects and collects this rejected objects to regenerate them into ethical art:

Maby transforms contemporary plastic waste into artistic vehicles for conscious living.

Her colorful, precise, clean and architecturally oriented artworks engage senses, hearts and souls with a simplicity that surprises, informs and inspires.

- Art’s main goal is to rescue “things” from the daily meaningless aspects of life -

Maby Navone

maby navone in studio